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Smart Building with Reos

Smart on every level. Smart building control and cloud-based processes are efficient and increase the value of your portfolio. For future-proof property that is future-proof and a positive ROI along the entire value chain. Secure savings potential

Five steps to a smart building

From paper files to certified smart building management: Our five-steps model takes your real estate portfolio to the next level – existing buildings as well as new construction in a standardized process. Find out the potential of your property and request free consultancy. Request free consultancy

Digital Submetering

Digital Submetering

More transparency and reliability in recording consumption values. Reos collects consumptions such as heat, cold and hot water EDD-compliant, digitally and in real time. For sustainable and efficient management. Request submetering consultancy

Our Smart Building Platform

Efficient throughout the entire management cycle. With specifically developed software and smart building scenarios, Reos meets future requirements of the real estate industry.

Always one step ahead. The Reos interfaces to qualified hardware and software providers map individual scenarios since every project has its own targeted scope.

Whether new construction or existing buildings, digitalization is the key to success. Reos digitally maps every process in real estate management and administration. Maximum networking from A to Z.

Smart Building Ready

Plug and Play! Here, the building thinks on its own. The Reos Gateway is the central communication unit and therefore the heart of a Smart Building. Once installed, it forms the basis for pioneering real estate concepts. Learn more

“As a digital management partner, we support our customers from the planning stage to the implementation of their individual digitization and sustainability strategies.” Tom Leppin, Reos Managing Director

Filling smart districts with life

Live today in the world of tomorrow: Integral networking makes it possible. In the district of the future, apartments will be rented digitally, building data will be collect in real time, doors will be opened without keys, and tenant queries will be answered via app. Learn more

Smart Building Tenant Experience
ESG environmental aspect
Environmental factors

Go green. Get the data you need for CO2 savings and energy efficiency with Reos. Learn more

ESG social aspects
ESG social factors

Make quarters worth living in. Rely on digital services for quality, satisfaction and community. Learn more

ESG corporate leadership
Sustainable corporate leadership

Be aware of the whole picture. Rely on transparent reportings and plan for the future responsibly. Learn more

ESG strategy

Future-oriented management – in line with people, nature and the opportunities of tomorrow. Together, we can take you down this path: We will advise you individually on the ESG strategy of your new or existing property.

Customized consultation

Triple ISO-certified

As a digital property manager, information security, service quality and environmental management are part of our self-image. This is confirmed by our ISO certifications to 27001, 14001 and 9001.