Real Estate Management for the Future

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Reos, your digital property manager

Holistic, digital, and in real-time. Reos offers digital property management for residential properties and modern asset classes such as micro living and neighborhoods. Intelligent building control, cloud-based processes, real-time data, and the tenant app are our solution’s pillars. Our property management aims for an efficient and sustainable future.

Secure management with Reos

Integral management for the future

Reos is a digital property manager that makes the future measurable counting on property strategies with maximum profit. Learn more

Thinking ahead for sustainability

Accurate data collection is the foundation for strong ESG strategies. At Reos, we have proven that innovative smart building technology is the key to sustainability. Learn more

Sustainably planning with Reos

Reos – revolutionary and measurable

Maximize potential
savings in operating costs
units managed with and by Reos
digital management and operation

Reos – revolutionary and measurable

savings in operating costs
units managed with and by Reos
digital management and operation
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Digital management with Reos

Integral property management

Digital property management provides an integral overview. In the process, Reos always keeps track of the value growth of your property. Learn more

Communicate efficiently with Reos

Efficient communication

Reos reinvents efficiency and service. Good management starts with good communication – proactively and with all stakeholders. Learn more

Reos optimizes potentials
Operational property management

Optimization with profit

Digital management shows optimization potential. Reos maximizes them both to increase your added value. Learn more

Controlling, reporting, and risk management
Reos manages in real time

Management in real-time

Reos collects rental and property accounting data in real-time. The purpose is to generate reliable controlling, reporting, and risk management. Learn more

Digital rental and commercialization
Reos rents out 100% digitally

Digital renting & commercializing

Digital property management with Reos makes renting and commercialization effortsless. From first contact to re-renting. Learn more

Maximize the digital advantage

  • Less fluctuation

    Digital services and proactive communication for satisfied tenants and low vacancy rates.

  • Lower operating costs

    Submetering data in real-time for improved transparency and sustainably optimized consumption.

  • Reliable value preservation

    With innovative smart building technologies for a long-term secure value of your property.

Smart on all levels
Reos digital buildings

Welcome to the connected building of the future. Explore smart building technology.

Sudkreuz Berlin managed by Reos

District of the future: live today in tomorrow’s apartments. Learn more

Living House Berlin developed by Reos

Student Housing: digitized accommodation for students. Learn more

Your portfolio has potential

How much potential does your real estate portfolio have? We show you what digitization can achieve for you.

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